House Parties

Where the Jonny Cocktail idea was born

In the summer of 2004 I was asked to make cocktails at a friend's birthday party. Little did I know this would be the start of a new business - “Jonny Cocktail” and since then, house parties have been a major part of what we do! We love being welcomed into people's homes and serving their guests with the finest cocktails and drinks.

Jonny Cocktail has been providing high quality refreshments for many special occasions over the years. We’ve travelled far and wide across areas such as Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire and we can set ourselves up to meet your vision – whether that is the kitchen, the garden, the garage or even on the driveway!

We have a number of event options available for house parties and are happy to discuss any ideas you may have.

Here are a couple of popular Event options as a guide to what we can provide:

  • Event

    Option 1

    A lot of our clients like to provide the drinks and we provide the service.

    We supply the bars, glassware and equipment required to serve your drinks of choice to your guests - and we can help with a shopping list too!


  • Event

    Option 2

    Let's add the cocktails!  as above but we bring the ingredients for the cocktails with us and charge per cocktail made. We love working with our clients to produce a cocktail menu bespoke to their party.

    We know no two events are the same and we can tailor our options and work with you to create an original cocktail menu bespoke to you and your party.

    You know your home better than we do so check out Our Bars to see which bar will best with suit your party!

Please drink responsibly -