Receiving phone calls through a recommendation is always pleasing, non-more so than what this call led to.

The brief was to design a range of cocktails to compliment individual glassware styles and packages. These would then be used in our clients brochures and marketing campaigns. We excitedly got to work producing cocktails we felt would match this brief and have the desired effect for our corporate client.

Jonny Cocktail Bars and Events - Raphi’s Bar Mitzvah - Tatton Park

"Jonny Cocktail can help with that"

An event wouldn’t be complete for us without taking bars from our mobile bar hire range. One bar was used as a preparation area whilst another was used for the photo shoot itself.

With a pre-event visit to the barbers and a crisp ironed shirt, we were ready for our day behind the camera. In full cocktail bartender mode, we produced a number of cocktails and drinks which have now featured in the brand’s brochures and online marketing campaigns.

Our work with corporate clients has become a major part of what we do. Services we provide include brand support and activation, product launches and customisable bar hire.

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