We had the pleasure of taking our bar services to Covent Garden to be part of a fantastic event hosted by The evening focused on promoting the event and tourism industry in Copenhagen. It brought together a mix of hospitality and tourism professionals from around Europe, offering a great opportunity for our team.

Our brief was to provide an interactive drink experience for the attendees, engaging them in the art of cocktail making and giving them the opportunity to make their own. The venue, Ice Tank studios, provided the most simple but effective setting for us to set-up our mobile bars.

On arrival, guests were treated to our Lingonberry Collins, served in a sweet bag. A refreshing mix of vodka, orange liqueur lingonberry juice, syrup and lime. Creating new, bespoke cocktails for events is part of the service we provide, not just for our corporate clients but for our private clients too!

The client had chosen 4 of our 2 metre HD branded mobile bars. Each one with branding for the events partners and these not only looked good but created a great photo opportunity for their representatives on the night. These are just one of the range of bars we have for hire, which enables us to not only offer personalisation to events but also fit in with various themes and styles.

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Mixologists & Mobile Bars

We have a team of mixologists and on the night we had 4, all with a mobile bar each and their own cocktail which demonstrated a different method of drink preparation. The guests were split into teams and they all had 15 minutes at each bar.

Each team received a demonstration of the cocktail by our mixologist and then guests had the opportunity to come behind the bar and make their own. This offered a great mix of individual skill, team work and most importantly, inclusion for all involved. Having the guests participate in this way combined both team building and a cocktail masterclass, both services that we offer.

The Cocktails

Bar 1 – Smokey Old Fashioned

This classic cocktail provided our mixologist with the ideal opportunity to showcase his skill. Not only is it a delicate blend of bourbon, sugar and bitters but also a skilled technique using our smoking gun. Infused with Applewood and finished with a flamed orange peel, it tastes as good as it looked!

Bar 2 – Mojito

One of our go to cocktails at our masterclasses. It offers 2 techniques with muddling the ingredients first before building the rest of the drink and finishing with crushed ice and a fresh mint sprig garnish. It is a great test of memory as team members try and remember the ingredients and the way it goes together!

Bar 3 – Pornstar Martini

Most people know the drink by now, but this is the chance to see if you know how it all goes together! Another fantastic drink to test skill and presentation and as everyone loves them, they want to make sure they get it right. To add a personalised touch, we had a branded edible cocktail topper to sit on top of this fabulous drink and finish in style.

Bar 4 – Lingonberry Cosmo

The use of the lingonberries came from our research in to Scandinavian drinks and offered a great replacement to cranberry juice. There was only one stand out attraction in this drink as guests got the chance to use our Flavour Blaster! Once the shaking and straining was complete, the chilled martini glass was full, the pressure was on as we tested our guests bubble making skills! The Flavour Blaster is an innovative way to not only garnish the cocktail but add an instant aroma of your choice.

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